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Followings are the terms and conditions of maps-updates.com, which offers the basis of commitment to our team and clients. We request our visitors to thoroughly read the complete information provided regarding our process and plans. Once you are agreed with the terms and condition, and then register yourself to take help from our team. The users who want to use technical service for Map Updates, they all must read the terms and conditions provided below. Apart from this, we don’t have any hidden terms and conditions, and our website offers a legal contract to clients with all terms and conditions.
Through our page of terms and conditions, the user will get to know the procedures and plans. Also will help them to decide if they are want to use our services or not.
The terms and conditions may get update regularly without any notification. If any user does not get agreed with the terms and condition, then they are not authorized to use the services provided by us. We never share or outsource any data or information which we collect. Here we have discussed the details of the information which we might collect from our users.

User’s private information

At the time of usage of the services, the users might be asked to submit their details to safeguard your identity and to facilitate us to contact you. The information provided by the users would include Full Name, Email Address, and Postal Address etc. only to connect with you regarding the services requested by you.

Payment Information

If the users wish to avail our services, then the required payment for the services would be made by them. The users won't be asked to provide credit card details on call — the private information provided by the users for billing purpose on the third-party payment gateway. The debit or credit card details get possessed securely and do not get saved anywhere with us.

Accounts and Security

Whenever any user gets registered with us, then they are recommended to provide valid and exact information for the same. In case, if your account gets hold by someone else, then we will not be responsible for any loss incurred to you. If there is any submission of false information related to the account, then the account would get suspended without any further notice from our end.

Device Information

We may request computer information to understand the issue or to take access. The information we may ask is the user’s login and password and/or access to few programs to facilitate the debug and troubleshooting. Other information may include computer model, manufacturing details, peripheral connected etc.
The terms and conditions provided above define how the information and details provided by the users during different stages of support are website usage gets used and are protected by us. We strictly guarantee proper security of the data from unapproved use. We keep the information with us after the support service gets finished to ensure better services in future. The following terms can get updated time-to-time without any prior notice. Hence the users are requested to visit the page regularly to make sure that they abide by the terms preferred.