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Magellan GPS Update

Magellan is a prominent portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. To take the benefits of the Magellan GPS device, the users have to install and get the latest Magellan GPS updates. Through the GPS Magellan updates, the user can have an up-to-date version of the GPS device. In the year 1986, the company was established, and the Head Quarter is in San Dimas, California.

Magellan GPS provides accurate guidance to the users so that they can easily reach their destination in zero longevity. Furthermore, the Magellan Map update give the users a chance to appreciate the innovative GPS technology.

The users who are using the services of Magellan GPS they all are suggested to update Magellan GPS to avoid uninterrupted functions. Hence updating the Magellan GPS means that the user will get exactly what they want. It is necessary to get the Magellan GPS update when required. Thus the users are always suggested to update Magellan GPS to take benefits of the Magellan Navigation Map.

Purchasing a Magellan GPS device is not enough because it is essential to get complete knowledge of the device. Many users get confused regarding how to update Magellan GPS, and many users search for the steps to get the Magellan GPS map update. So, the details provided here in this article would be helpful for all Magellan GPS users.

Magellan GPS is the world’s leading navigation map used across the globe by the people to reach the destination hassle-free. So, it is essential to check before heading towards the destination to get the Magellan GPS update.

How to Update Magellan GPS For Free?

Magellan GPS map provides the best possible guidance for GPS navigation. Thus, to experience the latest features of the navigation map, get the GPS Magellan update with the help of the steps discussed below.

  • First of all, ensure that the Magellan GPS device is ultimately charged.
  • Now, after this, through the official website of Magellan download and install Magellan connect manager.
  • After this, open the Magellan content manager and then login with the help of Magellan account information.
  • In case, the users who don’t have Magellan GPS account they all are recommended to create Magellan account.
  • After this, hook the GPS Magellan device with the system through USB cable.
  • Now, the device will get turned ON automatically, if not then manually turn ON the device.
  • In the system tray of the OS, right-click on the content manager icon.
  • Now, click on the “check for updates now”.
  • If there would be any latest Magellan GPS software updates available, then a pop up will open on the screen to download it.
  • Now, after this, click on “Get Now” to download and install available Magellan GPS updates onto the GPS device.
  • When the installation gets completed, then the users are prompted to disconnect the device from the system.
  • Consequently, wait for the Magellan GPS device to get updated automatically.
  • Now, after this, the GPS Magellan device gets updated completely.
Magellan GPS Update

These all were the steps required to update Magellan GPS map. Thus, if there is any user who encounters Magellan GPS update problems, then they all are suggested to take help from the experts of Magellan.

What are the steps for Paid Magellan GPS updates?

There are two types of GPS updates available. The first one is free, and another one is paid. Thus, above we have discussed the steps to update Magellan GPS device for free, and below we have mentioned the steps for Paid Magellan GPS Map updates.

Magellan GPS Update
  • Initially, the users are suggested to visit the main page of Magellan Website and from there click on the “Maps” tab.
  • Now a drop-down menu will open and then from there choose the GPS model.
  • After this carefully complete the purchase and select the Magellan GPS map upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, open the content manager and get the GPS unit connected with the computer.
  • Then, right-click on the content manager icon and select “Sync Purchase Features/Content”.
  • Wait for the update to get downloaded and installed and then after this disconnect the Magellan GPS device from the computer.
  • Now the Magellan GPS updates get completed.

If there is any user who experiences issues while updating the Magellan GPS device, then reach the professionals of Magellan GPS for a one-stop solution. For further help with installing Magellan GPS device, call the well-experienced team of Magellan and get real-time solution for Magellan GPS updates problems.

Magellan Road Mate GPS update

Magellan Road Mate GPS device provides rich features to its users. The user can relish the use of a high-resolution touch screen with Magellan Road Mate GPS. Magellan Road Mate has the features that make the navigation easy. There are a lot of benefits when the Magellan Road Mate GPS gets updated with the latest maps. Below we have discussed the steps to update the Magellan Road Mate GPS device.

Features of Magellan Road Mate GPS

Before we proceed further for the steps to update the Magellan Road Mate GPS, first of all, go through the features of Magellan GPS.

  • The device comes with lifetime updates.
  • The device shows lifetime digital traffic warnings through the built-in DAB radio link.
  • The device also supports the voice-operation system.
  • For the real-time information, syncs the device with a Smartphone.
  • The device has a 5-inch capacitive screen with 800*480 pixels.

Magellan GPS Update

Steps required for updating Magellan Road Mate

Below we have discussed the steps needed to update the Magellan Road Mate. So, follow the steps as mentioned. Through the steps, one can easily update the Magellan GPS.

  • First of all, check the details of the Magellan Road Mate device as the updates vary to the model of the device.
  • Then, after this, check the device name and model number.
  • For downloading the right updates, check the details of the Magellan device.
  • Now, to install the latest updates, get the device connected with the PC through the USB Cable.
  • If the connection between the PC and the Magellan Road Mate device is weak, then the user will fail to download the updates.
  • Get the GPS united connected with the computer for the Magellan GPS map updates.
  • After this, the device will search for the correct software that needs to be installed on the device.
  • To get aware regarding the package details, then get in touch with the experts and seek for help.
  • Carefully download the maps on the computer and move them to the SD Card on the GPS device with the help of the USB Cable.

So, these all were the steps regarding how to update Magellan GPS map. Thus, for a delightful and safe road travel experience, get the GPS updated with the help of the steps discussed above. We hope that the details provided above were satisfactory.

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