Choose Your GPS Map Device for latest Updates

Get updates for leading navigation devices such as Garmin Map Updates, TOMTOM Map Updates and Magellan Map Updates from our experts. Download the latest GPS Map Updates for new alerts and live traffic details. Most recent updates are available here to make your drive safer.


Choose Your GPS Map Device for latest Updates

Get updates for leading navigation devices such as Garmin Map Updates, TOMTOM Map Updates and Magellan Map Updates from our experts. Download the latest GPS Map Updates for new alerts and live traffic details. Most recent updates are available here to make your drive safer.


Garmin GPS Update

In today’s time, the Garmin map has become a primary necessity. Time is valuable and reaching the correct destination at the right time very important. Garmin helps to navigate accurately throughout the Journey and helps to reach easily on the unknown destinations. Garmin is one of the world’s leading navigation technology companies and offers the best GPS technology and services across the globe. There are specific reasons that lead to the Garmin Map Update. The Garmin GPS enables its users to reach the correct destination most comfortably. To improve the routing accuracy, new and modified roads, speed limits, signals, point of interest, and more updates gets added. So get smart, utilize your time and money this time around, and get the latest update today. Several updates get released by Garmin within a year. Thus, to download and install the Garmin GPS updates for the device, make use of Garmin Express software. Garmin Express is accessible for Windows and Mac Computers. Garmin Express application gives access to the customers to install voices and vehicles for free, along with this download the product manually. This application provides the information regarding the special offers and updates notifications.

Garmin GPS Update
Magellan GPS update

Magellan GPS update

Magellan Navigation is one of the best GPS devices used by people across the globe. Magellan GPS Navigation enables users to experience its rich features. Through the high-resolution touch screen, it becomes easy for all clients to relish the use of this device. The company offers customized mapping facility through which it becomes easy for all users to get the latest and updated vehicle navigation. Thus, the users should get the Magellan GPS update for hassle-free traveling. It is an ultimate software that helps the users to manage travelling and outdoor activities. The users can plan and track the outdoor maps and send it directly to the device. The clients should always get the map updates on time as it makes worry-free traveling. To keep the device updated and upgraded, one must download the map from the official website. The Magellan works well and includes excellent features which make it unique and different from another GPS device. Magellan GPS ensures that the user receives all traffic alerts and road information to reach the destination to the earliest.


TomTom is a GPS device that is used to manage the road map gives a regular update to its users for secure navigation experience. Through the TOMTOM navigation software, it becomes easy for all clients to get real-time traffic information and other services. TOMTOM focuses on providing the best service and road map details to all users. The clients can get the route changes and new location updates via the TomTom GPS device. As an application, there are many TOMTOM map updates that the users receive after a particular period. There are specific paid and unpaid updates through which the GPS device gets updated. Before the customer starts the process of updating, make sure to use the latest version of the TOMTOM home and is compatible with the device. To get the TOMTOM GPS updated, make sure that the user must have a TOMTOM account. The users who have an account on TOMTOM, they can update the device from two different ways, one is through TOMTOM home, and another one is MyDrive Connect.


How to Update GPS?

The GPS maps need to get updated, getting outdated after a certain period. For accurate road directions, it’s essential to keep the map updated. Therefore, here for all customers who are using GPS, we have discussed the mandatory steps to update GPS. Thus, scroll down and check the details penned below to get your map updated. Therefore, we hope that with the help of the information composed below, it would become easy for all users to update GPS.
However, it is easy and basic to update GPS, but we have here described the easy and straightforward steps through which it becomes easy for customers to update GPS. Through the new and latest updates, all street details and signal updated gets added into the GPS device. Thus, the users have to perform the several easy steps described below for updating the GPS tracker.
There are several types of GPS maps, and each device requires to get updated. Therefore many people are there who are using Garmin and search for how to update Garmin GPS. Along with the Garmin map, people prefer to use TOMTOM and Magellan. Thus they also seek the instructions regarding GPS TOMTOM and Magellan GPS update. So, go through the steps discussed below and get the device updated.

Steps to Update GPS

Step 1
  • First of all, check which type of global positioning system (GPS) you use.
  • It may vary from manufacturer and the operating system installed on the GPS unit.
  • Make sure that the downloaded GPS has the compatibility to connect with the computer. Apart from this; you will only be able to get your maps from the map disc or from the unit itself and not for free.
Step 2
  • Look for the software required for your particular GPS.
  • In case, if you are not aware that which operating system gets installed on your GPS, then visit the manufacturer’s website.
Step 3
  • Get your GPS unit connected with your computer.
Step 4
  • Carefully download the Map onto your computer.
  • After this, move them to your GPS unit by saving the Map to your computer.
  • Get your GPS unit connected through a USB port and clicking and dragging the Map into the Maps or similar folder on the unit.

The user can also directly download the maps to the GPS unit by selecting the unit’s Maps folder as the purpose at the time of saving the downloaded file. The GPS updates take several minutes to get completed — the users who want to get the Garmin GPS update or TOMTOM update GPS for them. We have provided further details on our other page. The GPS device manufacturers offer lifetime free map updates. Additional features get added after a specific period when required.

How to get Garmin GPS update for free?

Garmin is a chief for creating and developing multiple creative products for satellite navigation and provides good marketing of GPS products. It has been producing several classy software. Therefore, whenever a new product gets launched, or a new update gets released, it’s always pleasant to have an overview of it. Thus, in this article, we have mentioned the mandatory steps for Garmin GPS update for free, so the user can try out the steps discussed below to get the GPS map update.
The process of updating Garmin GPS free is not difficult to attempt. Therefore the user can try the instructions mentioned below regarding Garmin Express updates. Through the latest Garmin Navi map update, the users can reach the specific location within the defined period. Therefore for achieving the complete performance, get the latest update and make the driving even safer.

Garmin GPS update img img

Guidelines to get Garmin GPS update for free

Here we have enrolled the step-by-step process guide, so follow the same and get the Garmin GPS update for free.

Step 1
  • Get the Garmin GPS connected with the computer by using the USB cable provided with the device.
Step 2
  • To visit the Garmin’s Find map updates page, make use of a web browser.
Step 3
  • Choose “Automotive” and then click “Download Map Updater”.
  • Now save the file to the desktop.
  • In case, if the download button does not appear, then it means that the device is not eligible for free GPS updates.
Step 4
  • After this, double click on the downloaded file to get the Garmin map updater installed on the computer.
  • Before proceeding further, the user may need to update Microsoft. NET. The application provides the mandatory details if required.
Step 5
  • After the application gets installed, click on the “search for device”. When the device gets recognized, then carefully read the disclaimer and then click on the continue option and proceed further.
Step 6
  • If the application prompts with a free Garmin gps update, then click on continue.
Step 7
  • After this, click on continue when prompted with “Ready to update your maps”. If there is lack of space, then the user will be guided to remove the pictures or music to make space.
  • Now leave the device plugged in while the free Garmin Map updates gets download and install. It takes multiple hours to get the Garmin Maps download and get updated.
Garmin GPS update

We hope that the instructions provided above were satisfactory for all of you. Therefore, all users are recommended to regularly check the Garmin Map Update by connecting with the computer.

How to Update TOMTOM MAPS?

After a certain period of time, the TOMTOM device gets outdated. So, the clients who are using the TOMTOM map with the outdated version, for all of them, we have provided the steps to update TOMTOM GPS. It’s important to keep the device updated because after every update new route map and other street details gets added. Through several smart and trusted navigation features of TOMTOM help the customer to provide them the desired navigation results. There are numerous models of TOMTOM available in the market, thus for latest and upgraded route information, the customers are recommended to get their device updated. So, by updating the model on regular basis enables the clients to utilize the latest TOMTOM Maps updates.
There are several ways to update TOMTOM, therefore, here we have penned the steps regarding TomTom map update that would help them throughout the process without any hassle. The users who want to continue using TOMTOM, then get the device updated by applying the steps mentioned below.


Step 1
  • Get the TOMOM GPS connected with the computer through the USB cable that comes along with the device.
Step 2
  • If the TOMTOM home doesn’t open automatically, then open it manually.
  • The users, who don’t have free software program, go to the official website and download it for the computer.
Step 3
  • After this, wait for the TOMTOM home to recognize the device. From the main menu, choose “Update My Device” option.
Step 4
  • Now carefully check the available box next to each update that you want to get, click on the update and install option at the bottom of the TOMTOM home screen.
Step 5
  • By selecting the “Add Maps” from the home page of TOMTOM main menu buy a new map and selecting buy next to the map you wish to download.
  • Now, enter the mode of payment, then chose either Install now or Install later option available at the bottom of the TOMTOM home screen.

So, if according to the steps provided in this post the TomTom updates fail, then acquire the best possible solution from the proficient team of TOMTOM.

How to update Magellan GPS?

For a smooth travel experience, get the Magellan GPS update from the information discussed here in this article below. The customers should download the Magellan GPS and get a real-time alert and quickest routes information. Therefore, the customers who are using the Magellan GPS to skip the troubled route maps, they all are recommended to get the Magellan Map Update with the latest technology. Through the most recent updates, get the safe and secure route details. So, here we have mentioned the steps for all clients through which they can easily update their Magellan GPS. It happens that after a certain point of time, the Map fails to show the correct address because it becomes outdated. The company releases the update Magellan GPS, which helps the customers to ensure smooth navigation. The Magellan GPS is reliable as the data gets stored on them, so the customers should get the Magellan GPS updated when required. Some of the Magellan Map updates and minor map updates can get for free, but some updates must be purchased.

update Magellan GPS

  • First of all, the customers are suggested to charge the GPS unit completely.
  • After this, download and install the Magellan Content Manager from the official website.
  • Carefully launch the content Manager and log in with the help of Magellan Account details. If you 'don't have the Magellan account, then go to the main page of the website and click on Create Account option and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • After this, get the Magellan GPS connected with the computer through the USB cable.
  • The Magellan GPS device will get turned ON automatically if the device 'doesn't get ON and then turn ON manually.
  • Now right-click on the "Content Manager" icon on the system tray in the windows and the Desk in OS X.
  • Now click on "Check for updates now." If any Magellan GPS update is available, then a notice will pop up on the screen.
  • To download and install all updates available onto the GPS, click on Get Now option.
  • After the installation gets completed, then carefully disconnect the device.
  • Now, wait for the Magellan GPS to get started automatically.

If, with the help of the updating options available above, the Magellan GPS gets update quickly, then please share this article with your near and dear ones. Still, if there is any customer who faces Magellan GPS update problems, they all can take assistance from the Magellan GPS experts team.